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Denali National Park: The Complete Visitors Guide
The Mountaineers Books, ©2013

"Denali National Park: The Complete Visitors Guide" provides everything a traveler needs to know to experience the mystique and wonder of the vast wilderness and parklands that make up Denali National Park and Preserve. From taiga to tundra, sparkling braided rivers to massive glaciers, and forested valleys to dramatic granite gorges, the region offers endless activities and experiences. Explore the park's popular entrance area, travel by bus or bicycle along the Denali Park Road, enjoy camping, wildlife viewing, or rafting amidst spectacular scenery, hike along established trails or or venture off-trail into the wild backcountry.

With this unique and comprehensive guide, you'll learn about the region's frontier days and discover The Mountain's climbing history. Find where to spot grizzlies roaming the tundra or share a ridgetop with Dall sheep.

Buy Denali National Park: The Complete Visitors Guide at

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